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In taking this listing months ago, the sellers and I could not have anticipated a full mold remediation, as we didn’t know there was mold. If you want someone who will stick with & by you through thick and thin and make sure your property closes, LET’S TALK.  Here is what one of my sellers had to say in his recommendation on…

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Leslie, Was an amazing resource to have on our team. Frankly we could not have sold this property without her help. My sisters and I were selling this property for my late mother’s estate. All three of us were out of state. She was so much more than our realtor. Literally she was our eyes and ears on the ground in Florida. She was our go to person when anything needed to be done. Here’s the level of service we received….As we got into the process of getting the property ready to go on market we discovered a serious mold issue that needed to be remediated. Leslie brought in amazing local resources from her network of contractors to tackle all of the items that needed to be resolved. She essentially project managed the work that needed to get done, everything from ensuring the mold remediation was done properly, to having drywall replaced, to picking out new carpet to replace the mold contaminated existing carpet. Like I said…we could not have sold this property without her. She is an amazing realtor and an amazing person. Thank you Leslie….

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