1.  Get a tough garbage bag, 3 boxes and 2 recycle bins
  2.  Simply start by going through the room with the trash bag and throw out all apparent trash.  DO THIS FIRST as its removal will make it easier to focus on things that need your focus.
  3.  When you fill up a bag or box, take it to the receptacle or garage.
  4.  Recycle any non-personal papers, plastics & glass (newspapers, old coupons, plastic bottles, etc.) and place them in the designated recycling bins – paper or plastic.
  5.  For any personal papers that are not important (credit card solicitations, old utility bills, mail that isn’t important but has your name on it), put in a box and label it, “SHRED”
  6.  Go through the room and ask yourself for each item:
  7.  Is it a need or a want?
  8.  If it is a need, meaning you must have it to survive, keep it.
  9.  If it is a want, meaning you may want to keep it, carefully consider how much space it takes, how much you use or treasure it.
  10.  If you really don’t need it, but it’s sentimental or valuable, bless a family member or friend with it.  Put it in a box and label it “GIVE-family/friend”
  11.  Or bless someone else with it by donating it to a local charity.  Put it in a box and label it “GIVE- charity.”
  12.  Call a local charity to come and pick it up.


If you can enlist a friend to help, it will go much faster.  Tell them you’ll return the favor!  People at church, synagogue, work, or even a neighbor, might have a heart to help, so don’t be afraid to ask.