GREAT RESOURCES BELOW listed by topic for both the young and the mature, that I have found useful in real estate, business and relationships. As a Realtor who helps people in sensitive situations, it’s important to not just address the property, but to address the person as a whole.

Real estate is probably the largest transactions most of us will ever make. 

SEEK WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING before you get started! 

You Version Bible Application

REAL ESTATE & FINANCES… Getting your finances in order prior to buying or investing is a very wise idea.  Financial Peace University (pioneered by Dave Ramsey) will change your life as it did ours and millions of people nationwide.  It will help you avoid many of the pitfalls that most people have regarding money and relationship issues with money.  There are also segments on mortgages and real estate.  You can take this course online, at home with a small group and also at local churches.  Contact me if you have questions.  My husband and I facilitated this course for years and highly recommend it.   

Financial Peace University


HOME OWNERSHIP, DECORATING, REMODELING & REPAIRING…This resource will help you in many aspects of home ownership.  This site was made possible by Realtors and designed just for you! 

HOUSE LOGIC- made possible by Realtors


BUSINESS…want to improve your business relationships and bottom line?  Years ago, some Realtor friends introduced me to the materials at La Red.  Explore the principles and learn how to follow the right path to being successful in your business.  I also highly recommend reading any of the books by leadership expert, Dr. John Maxwell. 

La Red Foundation


RELATIONSHIPS…Just like you are investing in your house, you can invest in your relationships as well.  A happy home starts with happy people, but how do we get along?  Blended families, multi-generational living, parenting in today’s world are challenges.  Here are two great resources for you.  

Family Life

Dr. Henry Cloud- psychologist 


PHYSICAL WELLNESS…What’s the saying, “if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything?”  This link is full of information of how to have a healthier and happier you!

National Institute of Health-Physical Wellness Toolkit


AGING ISSUES...Selling a home can be stressful in itself; add other age-related issues, family dynamics, financial decisions and caregiver stress into the mix and it can be downright overwhelming to sell.

THERE IS HELP.  If you need real estate-related help, call me.  I am happy to talk on the phone or meet for a complementary consultation.  On occasion, I hold a seminar titled, “Should I stay or should I move?” It’s a group discussion to explore your options. See the “Events” tab for more information.  No pressure or obligation.

Here is one of the best “senior” resources available to our community and in other states as well.

This non-profit organization, Area Agency on Aging, is the “go-to” resource for seniors (60+) and adults with disabilities and their caregivers.  If you have questions about Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, healthy living, chronic disease, legal advocacy, housing, almost any challenge someone can have later in life, you can call this non-profit organization.  A quick way to do it is to dial “211” and ask for the Senior Helpline.

Area Agency on Aging


MUSIC…Last, but not least, for those of you who know me, I love connecting with people through music.  Music is a great tool for changing your mood, enhancing your memory and life in general. I sing at adult care centers and senior communities on occasion.  I also put my marketing dollars toward supporting a non-profit radio station that I love… 88.1 WAY FM.  This station inspires, encourages and enhances the lives of many people through contemporary Christian music.  Enjoy! 

88.1 WAY FM

THANK YOU… for visiting our website and we hope to connect with you.  If you have questions about real estate or these resources, email Leslie through the info box to your right or call 561-758-0769.