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A tip to help you achieve a higher profit when selling: Less is more when it comes to leaving personal belongings out during showings. Here’s an example of before and after photos…simply removing personal items and straightening up the area adds dollars to your bottom line! I have tips for sellers as well as resources to professionals who can help you organize, pack and move. Just contact me. For more videos and topics, scroll through my blog pages.

Video marketing during a PANDEMIC… In the beginning of the pandemic, the National Association of Realtors had strongly encouraged that we do as much marketing online and less in person.  So how do you present a property in it’s best light, yet also “keep it real” so buyers can see the property as it really is?  Below is a vacant property with virtual staging and then a cell phone walk-through; this helps buyers see the potential but also know what to expect when they arrive.

Click on the virtual staging link below:

virtual staging